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Oklahoma Anti Chipping Bill Under Pressure by Lobbyist

In Dan Newberry, Good Bills. Support, HB 2569, Issues, Paul Wesselhoft on March 31, 2010 at 12:19 am


HB 2569, Prohibiting RFIDs in the Oklahoma drivers license and state-issued ID cards by Rep. Wesselhoft and Dan Newberry of the Senate

Sen. Newberry is receiving pressure from an industry lobbyist to amend this bill.

Please let Sen. Newberry know that we appreciate his sponsorship of this bill and urge him to hold fast.

Let him know that the PEOPLE of Oklahoma DO NOT want this bill altered in any way.

Senator Dan Newberry



This bill protects our freedom and privacy.

The fact that RFID chips pose a threat our freedom and privacy is not disputed.

A 2005 DHS Report on using RFID for human identification purposes lists the potential for pervasive surveillance as one of many issues with using RFID technology in identification documents.

The concern that the deployment of RFID‐enabled systems represents the potential for widespread surveillance of individuals, including US citizens, without their knowledge or consent.

Read the Report;


This technology is very detrimental to our security but obviously holds great benefits for the industry.

AxXiom for Liberty



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