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Calls needed to Senate Public Safety & Judiciary sub-committee for a NO vote on HB 2331 and HB 2751!

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Action Alert courtesy of OK-SAFE, Inc

I) NO on HB 2331, Rep. Steve Martin
HB 2331,
by Rep. Steve Martin, proposes amending Title 47 to allow at-will random insurance verification via an online insurance verification system, without a traffic-stop or accident having occured first; the bill further gives authority for law enforcement to then seize the vehicle if found to be uninsured. 

Observation or verification can be conducted from a fixed location, i.e. from the roadside, or from a moving patrol car.  

Oklahoma utilizes an online insurance verification system, which may or may not be accurate.

Fox23News in Tulsa, OK recently ran a couple of stories covering the growing use of remote camera technology, and a poll of 4,000 viewers after the 2/17/10 airing found that 73% of viewers opposed this use of cameras.

Given that the Governor’s office issued a Request For Proposal (RFP) for ALPR cameras, this bill seems to be a little suspect.  

HB 2331, allows for random (p.4, lines 2-7) verification of insurance coverage and confiscation of private property (p. 12, lines 16-21). This smacks more of revenue generation for both the insurance industry and a cash strapped state, than a public safety issue.

OK-SAFE, while not endorsing driving uninsured, believes that the confiscation of private property by government for failure to purchase a product is an abuse utilizing the coercive powers of government.
HB 2331 is seriously flawed and oversteps the bounds of proper governance. Committee members’ names noted above.

II) NO on HB 2751, by Rep. Denney/Jolley

HB 2751 allows for the taking of DNA upon arrest. Amazing that this bill passed the OK House, controlled by ‘Republicans’.

The taking of DNA upon arrest is in direct conflict with the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and is a smack in the face of the traditional American justice system. 

If exonerated, the citizen whose DNA was taken would not be able to retrieve his DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid, a biometric)  from all the various investigative agencies involved in the handling/processing of the DNA. This biometric sample would be in some database (national orinternational) for the rest of his life.

Please call the Public Safety & Judiciary sub-committee and ask them to vote NO on HB 2751



1.                               Senator Anthony Sykes – Chair
lewis@oksenate.gov           1-405-521-5569

2.                               Senator Jim Reynolds – Vice Chair
reynolds@oksenate.gov      1-405-521-5522

3.                               Senator Don Barrington
barrington@oksenate.gov    1-405-521-5563

4.                               Senator Randy Bass
bass@oksenate.gov           1-405-521-5567

5.                               Senator Charlie Laster
laster@oksenate.gov          1-405-521-5539

6.                               Senator Richard Lerblance
lerblance@oksenate.gov     1-405-521-5604

7.                               Senator Jonathan Nichols            nichols@oksenate.gov         1-405-521-5535

Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise, Incorporated (OK-SAFE, Inc.) is a non-profit 501(c)4 Oklahoma corporation made up of individuals and coalition groups dedicated to the Principles of American Free Enterprise and the Constitutional Sovereignty of Oklahoma and the United States of America . 

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