Kaye Beach

Crack Pipes at the Capitol?

In Mike Shelton, Oklahoma Legislation, Oklahoma Legislators, Oklahoma State Capitol, Rex Duncan on March 23, 2010 at 12:54 am

Shelton Make News With Crack Pipes

State Rep. Mike Shelton (D-OKC), who recently was in the news over the portrait flap in the State House, has made the news again – this time for attempting to hand out crack pipes to legislators at the Capitol.

[. . ]Shelton tried to hand one to State Rep. Rex Duncan (R-Sand Springs) who is running for District Attorney, in the private House lounge, but Duncan refused. Duncan told Shelton that “it’s drug paraphernalia,” that he would not take one, and that “it’s a misdemeanor that carries up to a year in county jail just to have one in your possession.” Our sources imply that Duncan felt the meeting had the air of a set-up.
I had to do a search to see what a crack pipe looks like.  I was very curious since it was mentioned that these are sold at convenience stores and Rex Duncan would not even touch the device.
There you go!  This is a bud vase people!  I have sets of these that can be attached to a suction cup that you can stick on your windows or anywhere.  This reminds me of calling a locksmith to unlock my truck (happens often) and remarking that I should get one of the kits they use and save some money.  The locksmith sternly informed me that it was illegal for me to have one.  “I can’t have bent sticks?!”
That is ridiculous!  I exclaimed.  The man told me that they could be used to steal a car.
” They could be used for lots of things!”
They are running out of things to regulate.

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