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Action Alert-HB 2569, Prohibiting RFIDs in the Oklahoma drivers license and state-issued ID cards – Calls Needed!

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OK-SAFE, Inc. Action Alert


HB 2569, Prohibiting RFIDs in the Oklahoma drivers license and state-issued ID cards – Calls Needed! 

Call OK Senate Public Safety & Judiciary sub-committee to Vote YES on HB2569!

HB 2569 by Wesselhoft, et al of the House/Newberry of the Senate, passed the House on 3/4/10 by a vote of 76 Yea, 13 Nay, with 12 Excused.  The bill has now moved to the Senate and has been assigned to the Senate Public Safety & Judiciary sub-committee. 

Prohibiting an electronic tracking device in the OK driver license is critical – some 5 border states have already adopted what is called an ‘enhanced drivers license‘ (EDLs) and are part of the expansion of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), which in essence calls for tracking all movements of all people in the Western Hemisphere.

EDLs have an embedded scannable RFID tracking chip in them.  DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano has indicated a desire for all states to adopt EDLs, which is why we need HB 2569 in place in Oklahoma. 

People are not inventory to be tagged and tracked.  Please call the following Senate Committee members and ask them to vote Yes for HB 2569 and to advance this bill.

Senate Toll Free: 1-800-865-6490; 1-405-524-0126


  1. Senator Anthony Sykes – Chair
    lewis@oksenate.gov           1-405-521-5569

  2. Senator Jim Reynolds – Vice Chair
    reynolds@oksenate.gov      1-405-521-5522

  3. Senator Don Barrington
    barrington@oksenate.gov    1-405-521-5563

  4. Senator Randy Bass
    bass@oksenate.gov           1-405-521-5567

  5. Senator Charlie Laster
    laster@oksenate.gov          1-405-521-5539

  6. Senator Richard Lerblance
    lerblance@oksenate.gov     1-405-521-5604

  7. Senator Jonathan Nichols            nichols@oksenate.gov         1-405-521-5535



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