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How they Voted-Taking DNA upon Arrest, Impounding Vehicles Uninsured, The Enumerated Powers Act

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HB 2317  The Oklahoma Enumerated Powers Act by John Wright

FAILED in the House


HB  2331 by Rep. Steve Martin

HB 2331, by Rep. Steve Martin, proposes amending Title 47 to allow at-will random insurance verification via an online insurance verification system, without a traffic-stop or accident having occured first; the bill further gives authority for law enforcement to then seize the vehicle if found to be uninsured.

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PASSED in the House

See the votes-87 Yeas to 8 Nays

Thank Them/Spank Them

Thank You’s to the Nay Sayers!

NAYS:    8

Auffet             Key                Pruett             Walker

Buck               McPeak             Shelton            Williams

recent news and reports on HB 2331;

State House Bill Authorizes Towing Of Uninsured Vehicles


HB 2751 by Rep Denney

See the VOTES PASSED the House

Thank Them/Spank Them

write up March 9, 2010


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