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House Bill 2814 Quashed R.O.P.E Calls for REVIVAL! Teach the Founding Documents in Public School

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House Bill 2814 Quashed 44/52 Can proponents turn it around?


Reporting via R.O.P.E -Restore Oklahoma Public Education

As many of you might already know, HB2814, requiring the teaching of six Founding Documents in social studies curricula has been QUASHED. Yes, this is true – by a vote of 44 to 52. I did an interview for Channel 9 that will be on at 10:00pm if you would like to tune in and apparently there was quite the buzz on this situation on the Shannon show tonight and a mention on KTOK today also expressed shock.

Representative Key attached a Motion To Reconsider to the Floor Bill (try another vote) and with few days left to hear bills, he’d like to ask for a vote TOMORROW! Julie and I spent nearly the entire day lobbying the Republicans that voted NAY. We spoke to a large number of them and I can tell you their objections: We do not want yet ANOTHER public school mandate. Across the board, this was their primary reasoning.

While Julie and I can understand (true Conservatives want to SHRINK government and Julie and I never liked the idea of a mandate ourselves) their thoughts, we are truly surprised that so many of our fellow Republicans chose this hill on which to die. A few nay-voting Republicans would not leave the chamber to come talk to us today, but I am reticent to call them out as there was a FIERCE battle waging inside the chamber for nearly 40 minutes on an open carry firearms bill and many simply did not want to leave! Julie and I are sorry we missed it ourselves!!!

At this point in time, I can tell you that Rep. Holland corey.holland, Rep. Osborn leslie.osborn, Rep. Billy lisajbilly, Rep. Watson weldon.watson and Rep. Sears earl.sears have been receptive to our lobbying and have told us they would continue to rethink the issue.

Rep. Jordan – who was absolutely SO NICE, but very firm – fred.jordan Rep. Ownbey pat.ownbey, Rep. McCullough mark.mccullough and Rep. Russ todd.russ have said NO to a change in vote.

We were unable to contact Rep. Fields eddie.fields, Rep. Banz garybanz (who is always good about returning phone calls and speaking with people, we just missed him!), Rep. Thomsen todd.thomsen (with whom we’ve spoken before – he doesn’t like testing and we’ve asked for questions to be added to the End of Year tests), Rep. Steve Martin stevemartin, Rep. Ortega charles.ortega, Rep. Denney leedenney, Rep. Faught george.faught, Rep. Richardson philrichardson, Rep. Jeannie McDaniel jeanniemcdaniel and Rep. McNiel skye.mcniel.

If you would like to write any of them a VERY NICE email, or make a VERY NICE phone call (House of Representatives 1-405-521-2711 or 1-800-522-8506 find individual phone numbers here: http://www.okhouse.gov/Members/MemberListing.aspx) from a concerned citizen to any of the Representatives on the list – especially if one of yours is listed – and ask them to please reconsider their vote, we would really appreciate the support.

Julie and I and Rep. Key are just kind of FLOORED that this bill didn’t pass. I do not need to tell you that this issue of extreme importance – even in Oklahoma.


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