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OK2A-Call to Action

In Uncategorized on March 9, 2010 at 9:38 pm

Urgent: Calls and Emails Needed

We want to bring you up to date on the effort to pass true Open Carry legislation this year.

  A few weeks ago, Rep. Tibbs and Speaker Benge promised an Open Carry bill in the House Public Safety Committee.  The bill that Rep. Tibbs offered was a sham bill – a Barney Fife bill, if you will.  The bill only allowed for concealed carry licensees to carry a loaded firearm in the open in their car.  This doesn’t even amount to a baby step in the right direction.  During the committee meeting, when amendments were offered by Reps. Ritze and McCullough to make this sham bill a true Open Carry bill, Rep. Ritze was shut down before he could make the case for his amendment.  He and Reps. McCullough and Murphey were the only ones who voted in favor of true Open Carry that day. 

If all this wasn’t bad enough, the other nine members of the committee tried to hide behind a voice vote – they weren’t even willing to stand behind their votes and have them recorded. 

Thankfully the three true friends of the Second Amendment forced the issue and the recorded vote. We want to thank Reps. Ritze, McCullough, and Murphey for standing up for our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Reps. Tibbs, Martin, Wallace, Smithson, Hoskin, McDaniel, Osborn, Roan, & Thomsen all voted against passing a true Open Carry bill out to the full House. .

There is still time to pass a good Open Carry bill but it will have to be done by amending a bill on the House floor. 

Please call the House Majority Leader, Rep. Tad Jones and your own Representative and tell them that you expect all of the Second Amendment bills to be heard on the House floor and that you will not tolerate procedural moves to thwart passage of good, pro-Second Amendment legislation such as striking titles and so on. 

We have included phone numbers and email addresses at the end of this email.

Honest disagreement over an issue is one thing.  But it is entirely a different matter when legislators use procedural moves and voice votes to keep their constituents from knowing where they truly stand on an issue. 

Let them know that we will not tolerate such actions.

To contact the Majority Leader, Rep. Tad Jones:
(405) 557-7380

To contact your own Representative, you can call the House switchboard:
(800) 522-8502

You can find your Representatives email by clicking here.

If you are unsure who your Representative is, click here.


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