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Okla. Rep.Sue Tibbs “I support the Second Amendment all the way.”

In Issues, Jason Murphy, Oklahoma Legislation, Oklahoma Legislators, Sue Tibbs on February 26, 2010 at 11:34 pm

Tibbs supports revised gun bill

By Andrew Griffin on February 26, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY — Interested in learning more, Oklahoma Watchdog contacted Rep. Sue Tibbs, a Republican from Tulsa, who has been catching a lot of heat from strong advocates of the Second Amendment.

Why all the heat, we wondered. Further research revealed it was because she would not hear a gun-rights bill she felt would not be signed by Gov. Brad Henry. A revised version, however, was one she did support.

Nevertheless, gun-rights activists, like those at OutragedPatriots.com, call Tibbs, chairman of the House Public Safety committee,  a “Gun Control Czar” and someone who is not interested in supporting HB 1414 which is an “Open Carry” bill which would be for those with concealed-carry permits to carry their firearm openly.

The author of the piece at OutragedPatriots.com notes that a recent case in gun-supporting Kennesaw, Georgia, a citizen openly carrying a firearm – legal there – prevented an armed robbery at a Waffle House.

So, after a couple of calls to Tibbs’ office, the representative did call back and seemed almost audibly upset and offended by the suggestion that she did not support the Second Amendment.




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