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ATI issues formal Request for video toll interoperability proposals

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ATI issues formal Request for video toll interoperability proposals

Posted on Mon, 2009-10-26 23:54

ATI has issued a formal Request for Information (RFI) seeking a comprehensive solution for using license plate images (video) as the basis for inter-authority toll charges across North America. The Request states that interoperability is unlikely to be achieved with standardization of RFID transponders since there are now four well established separate transponder blocs – E-ZPass, Texas, Florida and California – and such heavy sunk investments in each there is no foreseeable prospect for standardization through RFID.

ATI is concentrating on ways of using license plate reads and motor registry data to collect out-of-bloc tolls.

Illustration: a vehicle with, say, an E-ZPass transponder and account in, say, Maryland traveling to, say Texas, would still not have its transponder read because of the technical differences between the RFID transponder-reader systems of E-ZPass and Texas. It would however have its license plate read by the ‘enforcement’ cameras on, say, the Dallas North Tollway. In Dallas the North Texas Tollway Authority would be able – somehow, under a system to be designed in response to the ATI Request – to get its toll payment while the motorist would be able to make full use of the open road toll lanes in Texas and simply have his or her E-ZPass accounted debited the Texas toll, the same way they would for travel on pikes up northeast.

The Request calls for a “comprehensive solution for achieving North American toll account interoperability by use of license-plate images.

Hmmmmm…..I Know!  What about ALRP!  You could put the plate scanning cameras in about 200 fixed locations and not only would that enable tolling interoperability, just think of the money the state could make in fines!  Then there is mileage taxes, usage taxes, congestions fees….ALPR is just the Ticket!

Read the entire article;


from ATI’s (Alliance for Toll Interoperability) Request forInformation;

Among our goals, ATI is working to achieve toll payment account interoperability arrangements that span all of North
America by:

1) Issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to inquire about potential solutions for
achieving toll payment account interoperability for North America. ATI envisions a
program that would supplement existing regionally interoperable electronic toll
collection systems by allowing participating agencies to match license plate
information on customer account‐holders’ vehicles with information from captured
license plate images on other agencies’ facilities.

2) Developing a conceptual set of business rules for toll payment account
interoperability that is acceptable to a majority of ATI’s members such that the
matched vehicle information in 1) can be used as the basis for funds from customer
accounts being transferred between/among agencies.
The two activities above are expected to result in a set of recommendations by ATI to its
members and to various federal and state transportation entities.

  1. Since I’m used to interoperability between Dallas and Houston area turnpike companies, I drove through the toll tag lanes on a Tulsa, OK turnpike assuming I’d see the charges on my statement, or get a bill in the mail. Well, I got the bill in the mail. It was for $25 at the first booth and $50 at the second, and I am now a “Toll Evasion Violator”. But, hey, I’m really lucky because if I pay online it’s ONLY $60 total. This is simply insane.

    If evasion violation fines weren’t a critical part of Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s revenue stream, they’d simply send me a bill for the two tolls plus a reasonable processing fee. But instead they treat me like I stole cash and Huggies from a convenience store.

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