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Gov. Henry and InsureNet, Spying and Denying. Heads UP Gun Owners!

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InsureNet is pushing the ALPR Scameras in Nevada as a remedy for the state budget woes.  I have been following this story with great interest.  In Nevada, at least the situation is being openly opposed. 

In Oklahoma, I fear that by the time the situation breaks to the surface of the taxpayers’ consciousness, it will be too late to do anything about it.

I would like to point out, in addition to Gov. Henry leaving us with this vile system on his way out the door, he has not even deemed us peasants worth the courtesy of an honest answer when directly questioned about the fixed tag scanning camera scam.

Legislative source tells FOX23, Governor Henry has already given the green light for license plate scanner cameras on highways.

Governor Henry’s spokesperson said there hasn’t been a final decision, but a legislative source close to the Department of Public Safety told FOX23, Governor Henry has already told the Department of Public Safety to move ahead with the installation of the cameras. 

See this story; http://www.fox23.com/news/local/story/Big-Brother-OK-Highway-Cameras/WTC1ttvQuUaw6Z4SFVI1fw.cspx


In the Governors FY 2011 Budget on pg A-5; (I believe the release date was Feb 2, 2010)

Compliance Initiatives
Automated Enforcement of Vehicle Insurance
The Governor’s budget proposes that the State of Oklahoma better protect Oklahomans from uninsured motorists by increasing drivers’ compliance with compulsory vehicle insurance laws through implementation of an automated enforcement system. An automated enforcement system will increase the efficiency of the current Oklahoma law enforcement, enable equal enforcement of in-state and out-of-state violators and reduce costs to existing vehicle liability policyholders. An automated system also eliminates insurance fraud by providing instant insurance verification.
The automated system can be implemented at no cost to the state. It is estimated that the state will collect $95 million in revenues from this program.




Gun Owners of Nevada definitely have an ear to the ground.  There are more problems with these ALPR cameras and the databases that go with them than you can shake a stick at.  Here is one of import to gun rights advocates from Gun Owners of Nevada

Please note; InsureNet is the very same group behind the Oklahoma Compulsory Insurance Verification law.


Woolly Boogers Loose in the Oklahoma State House?

What happened in the OK State House-INSUREnet-



InsureNet to Net Percentage of Fines Caught by CCTV

Carson City — Former Assembly speaker and current lobbyist Richard Perkins said the state could make more than $100 million a year in higher fees and added insurance premiums if the Legislature requires it to hire a company to automatically verify vehicle insurance coverage.

Perkins acknowledged before the committee that only Michigan-based InsureNet, which has hired Perkins as its lobbyist, qualifies for the contract under Assembly Bill 504. It is the only company that meets the strict requirements of a law enforcement organization, he said.


From Nevada Gun Owners;


The Nevada State Special Session of the Legislature meets this week on Tuesday. They are looking for ways to fill the budget deficit and don’t think they have overlooked the cash that has been spent on guns and ammo in the last year.

This message is urgent and we need your action immediately.

The legislature is considering a means of “revenue enhancement” that would make privacy for CCW holders a huge problem. This is the exact same bill that was rejected by the legislature last year.

InsureNet is lobbying for this bill so they can install 1,000’s of camera or “scanners” on nearly all of Nevada’s public roads. If it passes it would allow InsureNet, to photograph/scan every license plate on our roads. This data would be scanned and analyzed by InsureNet for the purpose of catching uninsured motorists. It’s a nice premise but it comes with some serious problems.

The problem is, in Nevada, every CCW holder has essentially given up his/her right to privacy. The minute you ask the government for “permission” to lawfully carry concealed, your license plate and vehicle registration is noted as a CCW holder. In other words, those who have jumped through the hoops of paying for the privilege to carry a lawful firearm—these lawful gun owners would be captured by an unaccountable, out of state corporate entities database! We constantly hear of databases being hacked. Do you understand the ramifications of this bill? Can you see the possibility for misuse? Gun owners did not create the spending problem at the state level. And gun owners should not have to fear privacy violations by an out-of-state corporation just because of being a CCW holder.

You know how unaccountable our state legislators can be to gun owners. A private business has even less accountability to you. What if someday we have a truly anti-gun Governor (think Obama)? What if the Governor wanted to know which CCW holders were at a particular “political rally?” Do you see the problems this can cause now and in the future? This bill must NOT be the answer to our states over-spending. Gun owners need to tell their legislative representatives that the right to privacy as a gun owner is already too heavily compromised by the Unconstitutional permit system.

Nevadans do not need more cameras taking pictures of our auto license plates. Of course everyone needs to have car insurance. But this idea is being introduced because our state government is spending money like the proverbial drunken sailors that they are. Lawful concealed carry holders should not be subjected to this level of potential violation of privacy.

When the Nevada state legislature did not pass this bill last year, they were thinking clearly. They are not thinking clearly now. They are seeing dollars signs and they are NOT thinking of you or your CCW. Do NOT allow them to pass this bill that would make it too easy for the rights of law abiding gun owners like you to be violated.

Contact your representatives immediately. Tell them “NO to InsureNet“. Tell them NO to scanning our license plates.


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