Kaye Beach

Benge-Passing the buck

In Chris Benge, Oklahoma Legislators on February 21, 2010 at 12:04 pm
Letter to the Editor
Passing the buck

I encourage Oklahoma House Speaker Chris Benge to cease obstructing bills that would lower the rate of property tax increases. Benge has shown no interest in shielding taxpayers from yearly 5 percent property tax increases. If he thinks voters don’t notice, he’s mistaken. They do notice the shrinking income they have left after the government is done taking money it did nothing to earn.

Oklahoma is projected to have a $1 billion budget shortfall in 2011. What do regular people do in tough times? They cut expenses, sacrifice and work harder. What does the state do? It passes the buck! When agencies are asked to ponder budget cuts they call in local news outlets, wail like a mouse giving birth to an elephant, and toss seniors and orphans into the street to show how evil those budget cutters are. If they put this much effort into cutting administrative overhead, it would be novel and newsworthy.


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