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Monday Feb 15th 9am Important Bills Need Your Support

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Support these bills!

Two Important Bills to be heard in Committee Monday Morning.

HB 2943

Biometric Driver License Religious Exemption Act

This bill allows people of faith to opt out of certain global biometric database requirements, while still meeting requirements for a driver’s license.

HB 2569

Prohibiting the use of RFIDs (radio frequency identification, i.e. ‘tracking chips’) in the Oklahoma drivers license and identification cards.

These bills are to be heard in the Appropriations and Budget Public Safety & Judiciary subcommittee

Monday, February 15, 2010 at 9:30 am in Room 412C.

Please call & email the following legislators and ask for their SUPPORT for HB 2943 and HB 2569 advance these bills out of committee.

Be There!

Committee hearing for HB 2943 and HB 2569 Monday, Feb. 15th 9:30 am on the 4th floor of the OK State Capitol, room 412 C

Please meet up with us half an hour early on the 4th floor, RM 405 at 9 am to get the details of the bill.

Then we will go to RM 412 C and gather at the Appropriations/Sub-Judiciary and Public Safety at 9:30 am to show support for these critical bills.

Make calls if you can’t be there!

OK House Switchboard toll free: 1-800-522-8502

Rep. Randy Terrill, Chair, 1-405-557-7346  randyterrill@okhouse.gov
Rep. Mark McCullough, Vice-Chair, 1-405-557-7414 mark.mccullough@okhouse.gov

Rep. Mike Christian, 1-405-557-7371, mike.christian@okhouse.gov
Rep. Rex Duncan, 1-405-557-7344, rexduncan@okhouse.gov
Rep. Scott Inman, 1-405-557-7370, scott.inman@okhouse.gov
Rep. Fred Jordan, 1-405-557-7331, fred.jordan@okhouse.gov
Rep. Ryan Kiesel, 1-405-557-7372, kiesel@okhouse.gov
Rep. Richard Morrissette, 1-405-557-7404, richardmorrissette@okhouse.gov
Rep. Jason Nelson, 1-405-557-7335, jason.nelson@okhouse.gov
Rep. Paul Roan, 1-405-557-7308, paulroan@okhouse.gov
Rep. Mike Sanders, 1-405-557-7407, mike.sanders@okhouse.gov
Rep. Glen Smithson, 1-405-557-7315, glensmithson@okhouse.gov
Rep. Daniel Sullivan, 1-405-557-7361, danielsullivan@okhouse.gov

House Leadership:
Speaker Rep. Chris Benge 1-405-557-7340 chrisbenge@okhouse.gov
Speaker Pro Tempore Kris Steele 1-405-557-7345 krissteele@okhouse.gov
Floor Leader Rep. Tad Jones 1-405-557-7380 tadjones@okhouse.gov
Full schedule


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