Kaye Beach

HR 2533 Faught plays favorites, gives free rides

In Oklahoma Legislation, Oklahoma Legislators, Rep. Faught on February 14, 2010 at 9:23 am

Oklahoma Turnpike Authority would be required by law to exempt “emergency vehicles” from tolls under a bill proceeding through the Oklahoma House of Representatives. The bill HR2533 also bars tolls on police even when not on duty.

The Turnpike’s present policy is not to toll ambulances, fire trucks or police when responding to an emergency and not to toll police for police work trips.

The Turnpike is already prohibited by law from tolling cops performing their official duties. HR2533 would extend free rides to cops off-duty.

The bill was introduced by Republican George Faught as a favor to the ambulance service in Muskogee which complains that last year’s tolls of $4,500 were a financial hardship. Longstanding policy on the Oklahoma Turnpike as at most toll facilities is to charge tolls for emergency vehicles making non-emergency runs and traveling without sirens and flashing lights.

The state House Transportation Committee approved the HR2533 measure 6 to 3 this week and it goes to the full house next.

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