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Oklahoma to help parents participate in voluntary national child ID program

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he National Child Identification Program (NCIDP) was created in 1997 by the American Football Coaches Association as a community service initiative to help protect America’s youth and change the statistics related to missing children.


Office of Governor Brad Henry
State of Oklahoma (405) 521-2342

February 11, 2010
Oklahoma City — Gov. Brad Henry today urged Oklahoma parents to participate in a voluntary program designed to assist families of lost or missing children. The National Child Identification Program provides parents with free kits that help them gather critical data that can be used to help locate their child.

The governor announced the initiative at a State Capitol news conference with State Schools Superintendent Sandy Garrett and University of Oklahoma Head Football Coach Bob Stoops. The State Department of Education, the American Football Coaches Association and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are among the partners involved with the program.

“This is an easy way for parents to keep track of information that could someday save a child’s life,” said Gov. Henry. “I would urge all Oklahoma families to take part in this important program.”

With funding from a federal safe schools grant, the State Department of Education is sending child identification kits to the parents of K-6th grade school children in Oklahoma. The kits allow parents to collect fingerprints and other information about their children for use on an identification card that is kept in the home. If a child is ever reported lost or missing, the parents can provide the information to the appropriate authorities to help locate their child. Participation in the program is voluntary.

“We are pleased to be a partner in this important project and provide a service to Oklahoma parents,” said State Superintendent Sandy Garrett. “Use of these materials is purely voluntary for parents, and I believe many will be eager to use them as a way to further protect their children. We’re going to make certain we get these resources into the hands of parents who want to use them.”

The National Child Identification Program was launched in 1997 by the American Football Coaches Association when it helped distribute kits at a West Virginia/Miami football game. The program, which has since expanded to include many other partners and participating states, has helped distribute more than 22 million kits nationwide.

The NCIP estimates that as many as 800,000 children are reported missing each year.

For more information: http://www.childidprogram.com/


Mildly interesting;

I thought it was so cute nhow this article neatly avoids using the term D-N-A, so I ran a search for the NCIP  program to get the points about it in black and white and this comes up;


But naturally the page won’t load so I hit “cached”

International Drivers License?

what does it have to do with our plan to keep our children safe by registering their fingerprints and D-N-A with the federal government?

(Fed Gov already takes the D-N-A of newborns

This is Google’s cache of http://www.interdriverlicense.com/idkit.html. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Jan 25, 2010 10:29:45 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime. Learn more

Here is the cached page

Here is the front page of International Drivers License

On September 19, 1949, the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic established the International Driving Permit to allow motorists to travel in foreign countries. Language barriers create difficulties for both motorists and police. This document establishes the right for a person to drive in another country.

This is the disclaimer;

International translation of foreign drivers license, issued by Krascar International Travel Club, Inc (KIDA), is not a government issued document. Krascar International Travel Club, Inc is a private company and is not affiliated with the United Nations or any other quasi government organization. All documents issued by KIDA shall be merely deemed translations of validly issued government drivers license and not to be considered valid documents without the accompaniment of your country’s or state’s drivers license.

That’s good to know.  Still wonder why they are hosting this kit.

Here is a live link, the kit is at the bottom.

I don’t recommend using this site!



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