Kaye Beach

The State Sovereignty Act HB 2810 Needs Your Support!

In Action Alert!, Good Bills. Support, HB 2810, Oklahoma Legislators, Take Action, Tenth Amendment on February 10, 2010 at 4:23 am

Call to Action!!

(click, print, CALL!)

The State Sovereignty Act, HB 2810, which calls for federal taxes to be held in escrow by the state of Oklahoma before being paid to the federal government is being held up in a subcommittee and can now use your calls and emails to move it along. There are only a few days left before this bill will die for the session.
Please call/email these critical decision makers and ask them to put HB2810 authored by Rep. Charles Key on the agenda for the General Government & Transportation Subcommittee

If you live in one of these gentlemen’s district, your input is especially important.

  • Rep Liebman is HD 82 (Oklahoma City and Warr Acres in OK County)

  • Ken Miller is HD 81 OK County and Edmond, OKC area
  • Speaker Benge is HD 68 Jenks TULSA, Sand Springs or Sapulpa as well as CREEK or Tulsa Counties

Representative Guy Liebmann Chairman of the General Government & Transportation Subcommittee

(405) 557-7357


Representative Ken Miller Chairman of the Appropriations & Budget Committee

(405) 557-7360


Chris Benge Speaker of the House

(405) 557-7340


Explanation of Bill:
Right now we pay our federal taxes directly to the IRS and the federal government takes it and hold it over our heads to get the states to do the federal government’s bidding.

HB2810 is designed to reverse that role.

If HB2810 passes then we will all send our federal taxes to the state government who will in turn pay them to the federal government for all of us.

If the federal government should do something that the state of Oklahoma believes is not in accordance with the constitution, (there is a procedure for doing this) then the state can delay or even withhold the funds.

It gives the state government some clout by which it can protect the sphere of authority that is rightfully ours in which to govern.


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