Kaye Beach

Oklahoma Standout Bills

In Uncategorized on January 25, 2010 at 12:38 am

HB 2810

Sovereignty Protection Act

Rep Charles Key




HB 2923

Oklahoma Sovereignty Driver License Protection Act. Cease all biometric comparisons and cease collection of any biometric data, biometric sample or biometric template; Disconnect, from any computer system, all hardware used specifically for collecting finger images

Rep. Mike Ritze

HB 2812

Communications Freedom Act. allowing for non interfering non commercial radio transmissions (Micro, Community, Low Power Radio)

Rep. Charles Key

HB 2924

Stop Big Brother Act. prohibiting departments or agencies from allowing entities access to databases that contain certain information; prohibiting law enforcement agencies from installing certain device without court order

Rep. Mike Ritze

HB 2569

Prohibiting RFID in Oklahoma drivers licenses

Rep. Paul Wesslehoft

SB 1685

Oklahoma Firearms Freedom Act

Sen. Randy Brogdon

HB 3163

The Oklahoma Right to Know Act

Rep. Sally Kern

HB 2317

Oklahoma Enumerated Powers Act. Any act of the Oklahoma Legislature shall contain a concise explanation of the specific Oklahoma constitutional authority relied upon for the enactment of each portion of the act.

Rep. John Wright

SB 2217

requiring expungement under certain circumstances; modifying eligibility for certain expungement

Sen. Constance Johnson

HB 2943

Biometric Driver License Religious Exemption Act

Rep. Sally Kern

HB 2926

providing (general sales tax exemption)an exemption for the sale of certain rare coins and precious metals;

Rep. Mike Ritze

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