Kaye Beach

The Tenth Amendment with Teeth HB 2810

In Good Bills. Support, HB 2810, Oklahoma Legislation, Oklahoma Legislators on January 16, 2010 at 6:39 am

Among the 1,184 bills and resolution filedHere is a link to ALL of them)( by the House there is this standout filed by the author of last sessions Tenth Amendment Resolution, State Representative Charles Key.

This bill follows up on that resolution.

HB 2810 (called by some the “Tenth with Teeth”)

An Act relating to public finance; enacting the State Sovereignty Act;

If the federal government imposes any sanctions on the State of Oklahoma for failing to enact legislation required by federal law, which the Legislature deems to be unconstitutional, by withholding or reprogramming any federal aid monies from, among other things, highway construction to highway safety or other programs, the State Treasurer shall not transfer any taxes held in the Federal Tax Fund but shall retain the monies in the fund until such time as the sanctions are lifted. If the lifting of the sanctions occurs within ninety (90) days, the State Treasurer shall transfer the amounts held in the fund to the Internal Revenue Service within ten (10) days of the lifting of the sanctions. If the sanctions are not lifted within ninety (90) days, the state shall impose a surcharge on the monies in the fund to be used for payment to continue highway project funding.

HB 1028 as introduced


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