Kaye Beach

Red Light Cameras, ALPR Intelligent Vehicle Recognition in Oklahoma? Listen

In Accountability on January 4, 2010 at 11:43 pm

Listen to this episode of America in Balance

Special Guest Chad Dorsife from Best Highway Safety Practices Institute


explains a few of the dirty little secrets behind automated enforcement that you are unlikely to find out from the mainstream media.  He has reams of documentation, testimony, and evidence to back up what he says so before you go jumping on the spy cam bandwagon either way-get informed.

Mr. Dornsife also makes a shocking confession.  Did you know. . .he used to have faith in our government and may have even applied his scintillating mental powers to abetting the rise of the surveillance state before he discovered what nefarious purposes his wit might be used for?  Don’t miss out on that revelation.

Ken & Amanda kick off 2010 with a discussion with Chad Dornsife of the Best Highway Practices Institute about red-light cameras, automatic license plate recognition cameras, who created the current traffic light system, and under whose jurisdication the system operates. Also discussed is Mexico’s move to install the Intelligent Vehicle Recognition technology – just like Oklahoma is moving toward.

Listen online


  1. How about many of us go and sue the State of Oklahoma over this, and the cities that are involved too. This is more of trying to take control. Simple as that.
    kathy ebert

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