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Citizen involvement in the state legislative process

In Accountability, activism, Oklahoma State Capitol on December 23, 2009 at 9:31 pm

From OK -SAFE, Inc. 12/22/09 Newsletter

The 2010 session of the 52nd Oklahoma Legislature will convene on Monday, February 1, 2010.

While voting is an important part of our civic responsibilities, it is only one part; participating at the local precinct level and engaging in the state legislative process are the other two components.

Time is short – Oklahomans can no longer afford to simply elect people to represent us and then ignore them after the election.

Citizen involvement in the state legislative process is crucial to restoring constitutional sovereignty and limiting the size of government in this state.  If we hope to restore constitutional limitations to government and to reclaim lost liberties, we must become engaged at the state level.

Toward that end, OK-SAFE, in conjunction with other Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance members, is conducting training classes in various cities in Oklahoma. [Check Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance calendar at their website for details.]

The next two OK-SAFE Action Forums will be a continuation of our training on Citizen Involvement in the Legislative Process.  We will be helping citizens find their state elected officials; teach folks how to use the Oklahoma legislature website; and learn how to read and track bills.  [See Action Forum column for dates, times and locations.]

We are encouraging all Oklahomans to find their state elected officials and invite them out for a cup of coffee before session.  Explain your concerns and expectations for the upcoming session – i.e. no more growing government.

To find your state Representative and Senator, click here.

Put the legislator’s contact information in your cell phone and be ready to make those calls and visits to the Capitol beginning February 1, 2010.

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