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The Big(ger) Picture on Tag Scanners Oklahoma.

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Hint-the uninsured motorists fines are small fry compared to what they will bleed out of you!

find more documents on the ATI


• License Plate Tolling is the “bridge” interoperability technology

Florida, E-ZPass exchanging toll camera data to test license plate based tolls
Fri, 2009-08-07

Several toll agencies in Florida and the E-ZPass have begun exchange of camera based data to test the feasibility of levying tolls on one another’s license plates in a pilot program.

In most states when the transponder readers don’t recognize a local transponder, or any transponder, a camera is triggered that takes pictures of the rear and sometimes also the front of the vehicle. Each state or tolling area (E-ZPass IAG, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas etc) will generate a toll bill or violation notice based on their ability to access ‘foreign’ state motor registry databases.


Alliance for Toll Interoperability formed in south – video data standard priority

Fri, 2008-02-15

Attending the formative Dallas meeting were senior operations people from toll authorities in the Carolinas, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas. 15 to 20 toll operators were informally represented.

. . . Video data exchange format priority

The Dallas meeting reached agreement that their most urgent need is a common format for exchange of video toll data. They hope to reach agreement on a common format for exchange of video by the end of the year.

It may be one or two images of specified size in specified format. Or it may be the license plate characters as extracted, or some combination of images and licence plate characters, in different circumstances, Eden indicated. It is all up for discussion.




ATI Today

Phase 1 & Phase 2

• Future vehicle ID technology in all vehicles:

•– 5.9 GHz RFID in various devices, or
•– Satellite / GPS Tolling.

TODAY, vehicles have a common, if

imperfect, identification technology –the license plate.

Read more;

Alliance for Toll Interoperability Meeting Materials


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