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Questions about License Plate Scanning Cameras

In Issues on December 16, 2009 at 2:20 am

“The makers of the Constitution: conferred,
as against the government, the right to be let alone —
the most comprehensive of rights and
the right most valued by civilized men.”

— Justice Louis Brandeis


•What makes using these surveillance devices the best of all possible enforcement options?
•What exactly will the cameras be used for?
•What other capabilities are inherent with this system?
•Does  any agency in or state or nation have any plans for future uses of this system?
•Can Oklahoma drivers expect this system to be utilized for  the purpose of charging them mileage/usage/congestion fees?
•How long would images/data be retained ?
•What specific  information will be collected through this system?
•What other data can/will be combined or attached to the data collected by this system?
•What system is used to transmit or store this data?
•What other agencies (list) have access to the system used to transmit or store this data?
•Under what conditions could this information  be shared?
•How are funds from fines collected due to this system distributed?

Florida, E-ZPass exchanging toll camera data to test license plate based tolls

Several toll agencies in Florida and the E-ZPass have begun exchange of camera based data to test the feasibility of levying tolls on one another’s license plates in a pilot program.

In most states when the transponder readers don’t recognize a local transponder, or any transponder, a camera is triggered that takes pictures of the rear and sometimes also the front of the vehicle. Each state or tolling area (E-ZPass IAG, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, South Carolina, Kansas etc) will generate a toll bill or violation notice based on their ability to access ‘foreign’ state motor registry databases.

The pilot program to exchange camera based data between toll areas is being conducted under the auspices of the Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI) and the I-95 Coalition.

Several toll areas began exchanging camera captured license plate data last week. No tolls are being actually processed in the pilot program, just the camera files are being exchanged to test the feasibility of tolling one another’s customers.

. . . JJ Eden chairman of ATI told us the pilot program is an effort to learn what needs to be done to handle one another’s camera data. Business rules vary from one area to another, so part of the challenge of interoperability is how to deal with different business rules, or harmonizing them.

Each participating toll authority will need to consult their own lawyers to see if there are problems sending license plate data to other states, Eden says. ATI already has a detailed model for exchange of camera files. Now that is being tested with real camera files.

Read more;


Alliance for Toll Interoperability

August 4, 2009

•Oklahoma/Texas Pilot Program:
•Committee Members: Rick Herrington (lead)
•David Machamer (lead)
•Clayton Howe
•Oklahoma Turnpike Authority (OTA) is waiting for action from NTTA on responding to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Mr. David Machamer suggested completing a ‘file swap’ rather than going through the Tax Commission.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

4:00 p.m. EST

Board Webinar / Phone Conference

•5 Minutes Welcome and Approval of Minutes JJ Eden
•5 Minutes Treasurers Report Grady Rankin
10 Minutes Nominating Committee Report and Recommendations David Machamer (Oklahoma Turnpike Authority)
•10 Minutes Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws ammendments Grady Rankin
•25 Minutes ATI Initiatives Updates and Open Discussion
•Phase 2, Interoperability Business Rules
•Florida/IAG Pilot Program
•Texas/Oklahoma Pilot,
•AAMVA, Electronic Vehicle Registration
•Legislation/IBTTA, Federal Reauthorization Bill
•Other Opportunities: GPS/Cellular Applications OmniAir,
•5.9 & EPSNIS
•5 Minutes Industry Updates and Next Steps JJ Eden


Request for Information Attendees

November 9, 2009

•BNY Mellon
•Chase Paymentech
•I‐95 Corridor Coalition
•IBI Group
•Kapsch TrafficCom
•NCO Financial Systems
•PNC Financial Services Group
•Telvent Caseta

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