Kaye Beach

New Maps Tax Opponents to Demand Public Debate

In Take Action on December 1, 2009 at 2:35 am

New Maps Tax Opponents to Demand Public Debate

When: Tuesday, December 1

Time: 10:30 am

Place: City Hall, East Steps

In the wake of Mayor Cornett’s refusal to follow through on his implied challenge to a public debate on the issues, opponents of the new Maps Tax will rally at City Hall Tuesday morning. A representative of each group will speak.

Porter Davis, Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance (OCA)spokesman for KillTheMapsTax.com, says citizens from across the political spectrum are coming together to demand that YesMaps groups hold a series of public debates. “Their arrogance, their total disdain for the need for public dialogue to let citizens see all sides of the issues, is totally against the idea of citizen democracy. The Oklahoma City Elite have gotten so used to have their pet projects funded on the backs of taxpayers, that they think they can run a million dollars worth of slick ads, call their latest scheme “Maps,” and we’ll buy whatever they’re selling.”

“This is a taxpayers’ issue that cuts across party lines. Progressives and liberals, conservatives and libertarians, independents and middle-of-the-roaders, labor unions and right-to-work advocates, are coming together to demand transparency and accountability on the new Maps Tax proposal.”
Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance local groups supporting the MAPS III debate:

OCPAC, Oklahoma chapter of Americans For Prosperity, Sooner Tea Party,
OK-SAFE, Shawnee/Tecumseh 912 Project, Moore/Norman 912 project
R3Publicans , Campaign For Liberty, Sooner Republican Assembly

“What particularly concerns us at this time is that the City Council seems hell-bent to push through a this New Maps Tax in the midst of an international financial crisis. The State of Oklahoma faces a $1 billion budget shortfall. City sales tax collections are down 9 consecutive months. Oklahoma’s unemployment is at a 20-year high, having lost 50,000 jobs so far in this deepening recession. The Federal Reserve predicts it will be at least six years before we reach “normal” conditions again. No credible economists advocate raising taxes as a way to combat recession. What we need are tax cuts to leave money with the taxpayers and create more jobs,” Davis says.

“Yet, the Mayor and his cronies refuse to debate the economic aspects of this issue.”

The spokesman for this OCA project is former Republican Oklahoma State Representative and small businessman, Porter Davis.

Call Porter Davis for more details at 405-286-0369.


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