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Oklahoma’s Big Brother Revenue Enhancement Plan

In Bad, Bad Bills. Oppose, Oklahoma Legislation on November 25, 2009 at 8:05 pm

State officials are looking at beefing up the state’s electronic insurance verification system by setting up cameras across the state to randomly record vehicle tags.

Cameras set up at about 200 locations along selected highways would focus in on a tag’s bar code — found at the bottom of each tag — and record it. Bar code scanners would match the tag numbers with a national database containing real-time vehicle insurance information.

Vehicle owners without valid insurance would be mailed a ticket.

“That’s a horrible idea,” said Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City. “It’s Big Brother at its finest.”

The proposed automated enforcement would expand Oklahoma’s existing system, which went online in July. The system now checks only Oklahoma vehicles; checks are made only when a vehicle owner has an encounter with a law enforcement officer, such as a traffic stop or being in an accident

[. . .]Having cameras and bar code scanners record random Oklahoma vehicle tag information is possible because of the new tags that motorists are required to buy this year. Oklahoma’s new vehicle tags include a bar code. All vehicle tags are to be replaced by the end of this year.

Reynolds during this year’s session raised questions about the bar codes on the plates, but was told they were simply for inventory purposes by the state Tax Commission. Now, he said the Public Safety Department’s plans confirm his suspicions.

He sure did!

Wooleyboogers and conspiracy theories are the terms used by Rep. Ken Miller (kenmiller@okhouse.gov (405) 557-7360) to characterize the concerns of some House members about HB2013.

Miller offers that he helped install a GPS device on a friend’s car and that it had nothing to do with a bar code (??) He says that the barcode on our new license plates are “empty” and he has bar codes on his groceries and  of the concerns raised, Miller says that he heard a lot of things that “Frankly just don’t concern me at all,(snicker)” (30:55 on audio)

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Woolly Boogers Loose in the Oklahoma State House? Online insurance verification bill

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Oklahoma could keep an eye on uninsured motorists

More on Insurenet and the Oklahoma Online Insurance Verification law;


The system provides dramatic benefits for insurers, especially regarding increased revenues from the following sources:
additional policy volume based on new policy initiations, volume based on the ability to instantly track and requirement
to maintain Uninsured Motorist Coverage, Comprehensive and Collision coverage in-compliance with liens, policies that
last far longer and cost less to re-initiate and maintain, policies that continue to move “up market” and generate increased
revenue as policyholders, now held accountable, drive more responsibly.”


InsureNet, OCIVS (online insurance verification) related doc.’s

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Electronic Vehicle Registration Mediawebserver[1]

Model Law Elements for an Automated Vehicle Insurance Identification and Enforcement System Below are model law elements regarding the use of ALPR, (Automatic License Plate Recognition) Systems in support of identification and enforcement efforts involving uninsured vehicles. We caution that numerous changes may be necessary to the text in order to accommodate the particular circumstances and decisions of any State or other jurisdiction


insnet2005NAICwhite paper

You Are Where You (have been -location tracking)




NPB_Fusion_Centers (pg 25)


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